Russell Wilson's DangerTalk Podcast

Joe Montana joins the show! We Discuss Getting Over a Tough Loss, 4th Quarter Comebacks, and the Seahawks/49ers game

Episode Summary

In anticipation of this week’s Seahawks’ game against the San Francisco 49ers, 4-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana joins the show. They start off the show by discussing how they rebound after a loss. During ‘Cooking with Russ’ Joe and Russell talk about their pre-draft experiences, 4th quarter comebacks, and their approach to the mental side of the game. Joe gives Russell some insight into his relationship with Jerry Rice. Lastly, Jeff leads the two quarterbacks in the 2-minute drill!

Episode Notes

(1:30) Russell and Jeff start off the show by introducing their guest, 4-time Super Bowl champion – Joe Montana. Russell and Joe start off the show by discussing their mindset after a loss, and what they do to quickly rebound before the next game. Joe informs the guys what he’s been up to in recent years, having started a venture capital fund. 

(17:01) Russell kicks off ‘Cooking with Russ’, where he and Joe discuss legacy & greatness one-on-one. They begin their conversation talking about their love of football, how they got their jersey numbers, and their pre-draft experiences. Russell follows up by asking Joe about the “mental side of the game”, and whether or not he thinks it’s important. 

(38:10) In anticipation of the Seahawks’ matchup against the 49ers this weekend, Russell talks about the first time he played at Candlestick park, the 49ers old home stadium. Naturally Russell then asks Joe about his connection with wide receiver Jerry Rice, and what made Jerry the best to ever play at that position. Russell then explains how he, Tyler Lockett, and D.K. Metcalf are actively trying to replicate the Montana to Rice connection. 

(1:16:10) Lastly, Jeff rejoins the conversation to lead the guys in the 2-minute drill.